Johnny Orlando & Gus at the Axis Club November 2021

In late 2019 and most of 2020 a lot of artists did not have concerts. Has COVID-lockdown been being more in control around the world also here in Canada most of our population has gotten vaccinated Johhny Orlando and his team put together an in-person performance after a long time of no concerts in-person or social distances. I had the chance to meet Johnny for this show so the first time I met Johhny Orlando in person I had a mask on, and I was very awarded and didn’t say anything. Johnny tried to break the ice and complimented my phone case because my phone was given to his sister Darian, and she was taking photos for us at their step-up. Afterward, we went to go and take our place for the show. Everyone had to keep their mask on during the show. Gus was the opener. Even though I didn’t know of him or his music he did a pretty good job during his part of the performance. After that Johnny came on and did a wonderful job. He had released another EP during covid lockdown so a lot of the songs he where performing he has not performed for a live audience before and he has also released some single off his now first album during lockdown has well and performed. I had an amazing time at the show, and everyone was very nice a respectful of my space during the show I was able to get some good pictures of the show which you and see in this post of both Johnny and Gus.

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