Kadeema & Dawson Gamble at the Bar Cathedral

 This concert was one of those smaller ones and I love these kinds of concerts because a lot of time the artist interacts with the fans more. I have a funny story from this show. The venue itself is quite small as I said and so is the stage this being a GA show I show up early to get the best possible view I can. I get there probably an hour or so early and I am let in because the opening act Dawson knows who I am because he was part of a band that I have seen perform before. So, I am standing in the front kind of to one side of the stage, but mostly right in front of the other guitar player, his name is Michael McDonnell and there just you know on stage performing and out of nowhere he hit his mic stand with something and starts to fall. It falls and someone stops it kind of, but I got a bit of it, and it hits me in the head just a little bit. Then Michael stops playing takes his guitar off gets off the stage hugs me and he’s like, “Are you okay? I am so sorry. I hope you’re not hurt. Do you need anything?” I am good. I have a strong head. After Kadeema perform a few songs, I was able to sit down for a bit and have some water and I feel better. Michael was still so sorry that I got a free t-shirt from the merch table so that was nice. Dawson also surprised the crowd with bring his brother, Landon Gamble, to perform a few of his songs and he also did very well.

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