Sadie Jean & Johnny Orlando at The Danforth Music Hall.

First I would like to thank Live Nation for approving my media pass for this show. It was honestly a dream come true for me to be able to capture Sadie and Johnny on my camera even just for a few songs in the photo pit. This concert was also special because it was Johnny’s first headline show in a while and Johnny is from Toronto so a lot of his friends and family were there that night. Yet, I didn’t get the notification that my media pass got approved until a few hours before the show started, and I already bought myself a VIP and a ticket to the show because I am a fan of Johnny and I wanted to go to the show and support him either way. I was able to go in and do the M&G and soundcheck that was included in the VIP and then I went back out and got my media pass sticker and headed to where the photo pit was and I was able to chat with some of the other photographers there and we where able to exchange social media profiles. I also was talking to some of the fans in the crowd and took a picture of them and set it to them. The Sadie went on and she did an amazing job. I have never seen her live before and this was actually her first time performing in Toronto I hope that she comes back rather than opening or on her own tour because I would love to see her perform again. Then the crew got ready for John’s set and Johnny did his set I have seen Johnny perform many times and I think he just keeps getting better at it, but also the way he interacts with his fans during the show is amazing too. I hope that I’m able to capture both of their concerts in the future because both of them were just amazing performers and I only have good things to say about both of them and here are the photos and I hope you enjoy them.

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