My work

My photography work is the work I am most proud of and I have lots of examples of because photography is something I have done outside of the class room as well.

Ryland James

This is a picture I took of Ryland James at one of his concerts. I am very into concert photography because I enjoy going to concerts and I also love photography so yeah. I think that artist give a lot to us has the audience when they are on stage and it very interesting to see it.

MJ Tullo

This is a picture I did of my sister for a assignment we had. Also, my sister is getting more into modeling so she knowns how to take directions from a photographer which was great for me. I also like the lighting in the picture as well, that it’s more focused on her face than it is on her dress.

Lois Tullo

This picture was for another assignment we had to do in class. It was for the golden light assignment, which we had to shoot during golden hour. My mother is the model here and I think the lighting just looks really good.