How COVID-19 affects photography worldwide

Photography cross the world has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in so many ways. As many people know a lot of well known photographers travel a lot to do photoshoots, but because of the pandemic traveling has stop all together in a lot of countries or if you travel you are at a higher risk of getting COVID-19. For a lot of people this is not a risk they are willing to take during this time because if you do get the virus their is a lot of things that could possibly happened to you including death.

We all know because of COVID-19 a lot of people have been told to stay home and not go out and do stuff. Even though it was been a few months since the COVID-19 pandemic started some people are still very uncomfortable with leaving their house and going places like the mall or grocery store. At the being of this pandemic the photography business stop probably completely because everyone was told to go back home and don’t see people. For people who make a living of photography that was most likely a difficult thing to hear because for photographers we need a subject rather that be a person, place, thing etc. Photographers all around the world had to stop doing business and go back home. Depending on where the photographer lived the COVID cases where maybe even worse then where they were already. Yet, now because things have open back up and we have more information about this virus some photographer have been able to get back to work, but a lot still haven’t because of travel banns still around the world.

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