Blu DeTiger and Charlie Puth at Budweiser Stage

Blu Detiger is an American singer-songwriter who started playing bass at 7 years old. She got her rise to fame like many others on TikTok over lockdown. She was even featured in the August 2021 issues of Bass Player and they talked every higher of her. This was a big break for her getting to be able to tour across both America and Canada. Then there is Charlie Puth who has been in the music industry for a while. He has over 30 Million monthly listeners on Spotify, Over 20M followers on TikTok, 18 million followers on Instagram, and over 20 million subscribers on YouTube. I was able to get some pictures of both of them during Charlie’s tour, which he named The “Charlie” Live Experience, Charlie wanted this more than just a tour he wanted to bring the audience in on how he made his songs and what his thought process was.

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