Ali Gatie & Johnny Orlando at History Toronto

Both Ali and Johnny are artists who grew up around the Toronto area and because of that Ali had two shows in Toronto that were both sold out. Also, both Ali and Johnny had their personally owned M&G’s during this tour. I had M&G with Johnny because I knew him and his music, but I am looking forward to seeing Ali perform as well because I enjoy different types of music. I also went to the second show in Toronto because I was busy during the night of the first show. The M&G for Johnny was a lot smaller on the second night, which I think everyone who had M&G was okay with because that meant we didn’t have to rush to get our time in. I also took photos of both of them during the show and I hope you like them. Both of these artists bring in numbers on many platforms across social media. Ali has over 8M monthly listeners on Spotify. 2M followers on Instagram, over 3 M followers on TikTok and 4 M subscribers on his YouTube channel. These pictures were all taken on my iPhone 12 pro, but I hope in the near future I will be able to have a media pass for ether of these artists.

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